Touch Connection: Developing Connected Textile Surfaces

The connected textile surfaces are designed as a paired system that connect with each other, to share touch responses across the network. They use haptic feedback to enable participants to feel vibro-tactile sensations and see light patterns resulting from specific touch behaviour; pressing and stroking.
They have been produced with the programmer, Edwin Love and textile designer Annika Lennox.

The textile surfaces are tangible and responsive responding to touch through pressing, stroking, squeezing and flexing. The surfaces seek to be both technical and expressive in using etextiles in their construction so the sensors and actuators contribute dynamic and changeable properties to the physical, material forms.


Embroidered Fur

Embroidered Leatherette

The embroidered Leatherette has a regular hexagonal surface that uses wadding to raise each section for more texture and dimension, to invite touch and interaction. The rhythmic flow of the surface design corresponds to the pulse frequencies of the motors as they respond to touch and pressure.

The reverse side of the leatherette showing the wired up circuit.

Drawing the circuit

These pieces are being shown at the DataAche conference, Radiant Gallery, Plymouth from Sept 10-13th.