DataAche Exhibition, Radiant Gallery

Touch Connection was shown as part of the exhibition for the DRHA conference, DataAche, that took place at the Radiant Gallery in Plymouth from 10-13th Sept.

Image Credit: Rachael Allain

The launch event gave people the opportunity to collectively engage with the piece and experience feedback on their touch behaviour.

Participants comments explore what they liked/enjoyed/disliked about the work:

  • The materials felt lively, and warm and engaging.
  • The tactile nature of the exhibit. I had a natural impulse to stroke the work. I was also drawn to the pattern on the work and the lights. I thought the installation of it was beautiful.
  • If I’m honest I loved the look and design of the pieces and did not feel that I got a significantly dynamic sensation from touching them and feeling the vibrations in relation to this. I also did not get to play with them for very long and so did not understand the connection between the two pieces. I did not necessarily feel that there was specific enough connection between the sensation of touch/vibration or lights and the visual aesthetic experience? I found the visual aesthetics so interesting and appealing and therefore felt almost disappointed by the vibrations and sensations – they did not feel as dynamic to me as the designs.
  • Its aesthetics. It’s question – (please touch me?)…trying to work it out…
  • Intriguing link between the two, interaction with others, curiosity, design, well made
  • The way the work was exhibited brought together visitors. A novel experiment in digital fabric/connectivity.
  • Design and implementation of tech. into textiles.
  • There’s great potential. The colours and potential are very sensual.
  • The design of the feeling of the textures
  • It looks great, I liked the thread
  • Intriguing, beautifully made
  • I enjoyed the idea of the two surfaces being connected.