Future Thinking for Social Living


In April 2015 I was a team member for the ‘Future Thinking for Social Living’ a research project that aimed to look critically at the relationship between wellbeing, home, making and technology, based at an assisted housing residence.

It provided opportunities for spontaneous acts of making and revealed both willingness and a reluctance in participants to getting involved. The team encouraged residents to complete a drawing on canvas and then discussed the possibility for team members to embellish the drawing using hand stitching. I was involved in stitching a drawing for resident1, intended as a gift. As I stitched she threaded beads onto a pipe cleaner which I added to the work for her.

Through conversation and making suggestions together we reached an understanding that facilitated the creation of a shared work, a spontaneous collaboration. I came to appreciate craft as a bridging activity, a shared practice that highlighted the deep, social nature of design and making.


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