I am currently completing a PhD at Falmouth University on an AHRC funded studentship with the 3D3 consortium. My research investigates e-textiles and the combination of material production and digital technology, integrating novel functionality into textiles using sound and electronics.  It explores integrations between digital and physical material practices to dissolve the boundaries between tangible objects and intangible data forms to explore innovative interface creation. In this context, craft refers to an approach that engages with technology to suggest a more nuanced and empathetic practice.

Alongside the research I am also an Associate Lecturer in the Fashion and Textiles Institute at Falmouth University, teaching Histories and Theories. Recently, I completed a placement at Nottingham Trent University on a project entitled HUG: Expressive electronic textile surface design for personalised wellbeing, with Dr Sarah KettleyI have also been a visiting lecturer at Plymouth University on the Experimental Digital Dance module and Falmouth University on Performance Sportswear Design undergraduate programme.

Previously a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Design at the Ealing School of Art, Design & Media, University of West London.

Research Interests

• Wearable technology, e-textiles, embedding digital capability in textile and non-textile structures

• Craft, making and fabrication processes and techniques, DIY maker culture, handcraft & tacit, embodied knowledge

• Participatory design, co-creation and collaboration