An event at FoAM Kernow in their ongoing investigation into weaving and coding, and help build “Tanglebots” from recycled e-waste, Raspberry Pi computers and electronics. This workshop is part of their contribution to British Science Week.

This event forms a messy introduction into weaving, robotics and coding. Tanglebots are prototype/failed weaving robots (weaving is quite hard, so we are starting with tangles and to see what patterns emerge). Prizes will be given in various categories for autonomous tangle creation:

  • Most artistic tangle formed.
  • High speed tangling category.
  • Most technical effort with least impressive result.
  • Most people/things incorporated (willingly or otherwise) into tangle.
  • Least untangleable tangle.
  • Best effort at untangling.

We will be joined in this adventure by weavecoders Alex McLeanEllen Harlizius-Klück and the Lovebytes crew.




How to run this workshop: