Touchplay invites people to move and position fabric discs through the design and structure of an embroidered fabric surface. Each disc has been digitally embroidered using colour to distinguish them to encourage pattern creation and play. The fabric surface and discs have been augmented with conductive thread and copper. Sound is triggering when discs create a connection in response to their position. The piece incorporates a Bare Conductive Soundboard, a micro-controller that stores sound clips, activated in response to touch using capacitive sensing capability.

Participants swiftly learn how to ‘play the piece’ and enjoy the process of discovering and revealing the sounds. Adapting the piece involved changing the sound clips from simple musical notes to clips of people laughing and talking. What is intriguing is the personal, human feeling relayed by the voices, which gave the work a more emotional, resonant quality. Combined with the tactile quality of the fabric, the voice clips created a more compelling experience.