Digitally Enhanced Fashion, Wearable Technology Workshop

Wearable Technology Workshop: Digitally enhanced fashion for the 21st century. Falmouth University, 2015

Designed and facilitated a workshop with Andy Smith. It aimed to discover the potential of wearable technology with this introductory workshop. Designed for participants with very limited or no electronics or programming experience, this course would appeal to artists, designer/makers and creative businesses, and provides a hands-on opportunity to explore how this cutting edge technology can be used.

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Course content

Day 1: Introduction to wearable technology and the Arduino Lilypad

  • Introduction to the field of wearable technology – history of wearable tech and some examples of current uses.
  • Overview of the Arduino Lilypad platform and open source
  • Demo of Arduino Lilypad, materials and equipment
  • Simple project: Making an LED bracelet
  • Developing some ideas for the project on day 2

Day 2: Project Day

  • Explore materials and equipment further to enable participants to use, build and make sensors
  • Supported programming
  • Guided sewing
  • Plan ways to expand your project in the future including internet of things and e-textiles